Children, work and family lunch: More than 100 employees from BiH and Serbia work for this company from home

GoCloud.group is a virtual contact centre which provides call agent jobs from home. Work from home agents work in a home office setup and prerequisite is German language knowledge.

Like it or not, a large number of B&H citizens had to adjust their work to the current situation, so some of them work from home. For some it is a new situation, and for others it is everyday life. Sabina Ališković has been working from home, in B&H, for less than half a year, for the company GoCloud, the largest virtual contact center in Southeast Europe. Although she probably came across on tone of similar ads, the one from GoCloud seemed to her the most serious. And she wasn’t mistaken:

“I found out about GoCloud online. In November 2019, I saw an ad and decided to apply. The ad seemed very serious and soon after applying I started training for my first campaign. After completing the training, I immediately started calling and from December 2019 I am officially part of the GoCloud Team ” she stands out.

The company currently has more than 100 employees working from home in all parts of BiH and Serbia. One of the main prerequisites is knowledge of the German language:

“I learned German while growing up and schooling in Germany. From the second grade of elementary school until the end of high school, I lived and studied in Germany, so German came to me as a kind of second mother tongue “, says Sabina, who has previously worked on jobs related to this language: “Prior to this job, I wrote and translated papers into German language for a while. The advantage of my current job is that I can flexibly determine my working hours and the fact that I have a certain number of shifts, i.e. working hours guaranteed by the contract. So now I work about 30 hours a week, sometimes an hour less or more. This often depends on the scope of work and the tasks we need to do. “

Agents in GoCloud only receive calls from end users, so there is less stress since other user centers are mainly based on the so-called. outbound, i.e. calling end users:

“Honestly, work is not stressful for me. I determine my shifts so that I always have time to rest and relax and it rarely happens that my workday is crowded. If that happens, I have fewer shifts in the next few days and in a way, I make up for my free time”.

The work from home is mostly adapted to women, who make up the majority of the company’s employees. Many of them have their own family, so this form of work makes their everyday life easier:

“For me, working from home is a great advantage of GoCloud. The very fact that I am here all day, with my children, that I don’t have to think about what they are doing and whether everything is ok is a great relief for me. I often schedule my shifts so that I do one part in the morning while the older son is at school and the younger one is still asleep, and then I switch the rest of the shifts in the afternoon. I can adjust my shifts to be able to have a family lunch, help with homework and play together with my kids so that’s wonderful for me. I’m always there with my family so we don’t miss each other. I adjust my shifts to my activities. I often organize my weekly plan so that I work a little more for three or four days, so that I have fewer shifts for the rest of the week. In that way, it happens that I can afford an extended weekend, so that I am free for two or three days in a row. “Teleworking does not diminish the team spirit within the company,” says Sabina:

“Personally, I have a wonderful opinion of GoCloud. We are all one big team; some kind of family and I think that sets us apart from other companies. We help each other, together as a company and as agents we participate in various humanitarian actions. In this company there is a friendly relationship between us agents and our bosses. We can talk about everything openly, and honestly, I have never come across a situation where someone did not meet my needs. ”

She also has some tips for those who want to apply and try this job:

“I think it is very important to take this job first and foremost professionally and seriously. Although we work from home and in some ways do not have a direct boss who oversees us, we have a great responsibility to perform our tasks in the best possible way. The clients we work for expect knowledge and quality and it is very important to give your maximum when it comes to performing our tasks. I approach calls in such a manner that I do not personally take what comes from the client. We are here to help, to solve a problem, or if we are not able to find a solution immediately, to pass it on. It is important for me to understand that our clients are also just people, who may not be in the best mood at a given moment, or simply have a bad day and that their dissatisfaction is not directed against us personally. I approach my task as professionally as possible and simply do my best to make the client understand that I will take care of everything and that the problem will eventually be solved. In fact, in almost every case, at the end, it will be like that, only sometimes it takes a little longer to reach the right solution. I am aware of my task and my possibilities and I give everything in my power to help the client to come to the necessary solution. Otherwise, both at work and in life, I am guided by how you radiate, how you attract and I always try to be positive “, Sabina told us.

If, among other things, you have knowledge of German language and want to become part of the team, register here!

 ( https://team.gocloud.group/en/career/

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