Customer service response time and how to reduce it


Customer service is all about ensuring a superior customer experience. 66% of customers believe that companies should place a high value on their time as the most essential thing they can do for them. However, only 12% of companies place a high value on their customer service response time, which has become one of the most significant reasons why they fail to keep clients effectively.

What is Customer Service Response Time? 

Customer service response time is the average time taken (in days, hours, or minutes) to respond to a customer after receiving their request or complaint via the website contact form, on social media, through live chat, or any other online platform. 

Why is Customer service response time important? 

Many companies assume they can compete without investing in high-quality customer service. Clients lose trust in you if you don’t answer their complaints, queries, and requests promptly. 

What can you do to deliver the best customer experience? 

To get started, let’s go through the 5 ways for reducing customer service response time and providing a pleasurable smooth experience to all customers. 

Measure your existing customer service response time 

Before you try to fix your response time, it is necessary to know the current stats of the existing support process. 

Later you can just compare the response time between X and Y points to check if your new steps are giving results or not. 

Use a customer service software 

The implementation of customer service software is the most cost-effective and time-saving method for optimizing customer care procedures if your firm still relies on a shared access mailbox to handle hundreds (or even thousands) of customer service emails. 

Customer service software allows you to keep track of prior conversations. This helps you gather information faster, allowing you to respond faster. 

Using e-mail autoresponders 

You may use an email autoresponder to let your consumers know that you’ve received their message. Additionally, it enables your company to advise clients that their issues will be resolved in a fair amount of time. As your staff work to deliver this promise, you may gain the confidence of your customers with an automatic response. 

Prepare canned responses 

Customer service relies heavily on canned responses. 

Make sure you have a few ready-to-go replies in case you have to react to a lot of emails in a short amount of time.  You’ll be able to respond to inquiries far more quickly if you prepare responses to the most often asked questions. 

As an additional benefit, standardized answer formats ensure that the answers delivered by agents are of a high quality. In addition, your employees will make less mistakes. 

Use Live Chat support for faster response 

If you have a customer service department, live chat should be one of your go-to tools.  

Live chat allows you to interact with your customers in real-time and solve their problems immediately. Providing customers with fast and friendly service is a top priority for most tech companies.  

All the benefits of Live Chat especially you can read in this article

What is the next step? 

After implementing these five steps, your customers will notice if your response time improves, and they will thank you for it. Your bottom line will improve as a result of clients returning to your business on a regular basis. 

We have many years of experience in customer support and would gladly share our knowledge with you. Contact us right away and let us give your customer the best customer experience on the web!

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