Our employees: beekeeping, farm and home office

Flexible working hours and work from home model, together with good working conditions and great leadership create perfect work life balance.

This week we present you with new experiences of our employees – how and why they came to GoCloud, what their day looks like and why they would recommend their work to others. Our next interlocutor is Nikola Suzić.

Nikola, how did you get to GoCloud and why?

I haven’t worked in call centers for a long time and I accidentally found a job for myself.

I came to GoCloud through a friend who also worked in the call center area and who told me about good working relationships, a high level of collegiality and professional training in the company. I looked at our company’s website and signed up right away. A few days later I already had a job interview.

Where did you learn German?

I learned German in Germany, not far from the beautiful Black Forest and the border triangle of Germany, France and Switzerland. German, just like Bosnian, is my mother tongue, because I have spent a very large part of my life there.

What is your task and how long have you been on board?

My job at the company is to process complaints and vacation services and I have been doing this for 3 months now.

What gives you the most pleasure?

What I enjoy most at work is the relaxed way of working with colleagues, the team leaders who teach us very well and the tolerant management who always listens to the needs of their employees.

Can work be coordinated with your free time?

Since working at GoCloud, implies flexible working hours and the fact that I work from home have given me a lot more time to take care of my beekeeping and my small farm. I believe working in GoCloud can be very well combined with others as well as with free activities.

Would you recommend GoCloud to a good friend?

Given the very good conditions, I would recommend the company to my friends and relatives.

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