This company has more than 100 employees that are working from their home offices

More than 100 work from home employees in the largest virtual BPO company and the largest contact center in Southeast Europe.

At a time when many are taking advantage of the current economic situation to go to Western European countries, there are companies that are doing just the opposite – bringing business from Europe to our country. One of them is GoCloud.group, which is also the largest contact center in Southeast Europe with headquarters in Serbia and BiH. They employ more than 100 people and, interestingly, they all work from home!

We learned from Nataša Vranješ, one of the employees who came to GoCloud quite by accident, how this system of buisness works, what exactly they do and how satisfied they are with the conditions:  “I saw their post on Facebook and out of curiosity I sent an inquiry. Honestly, I didn’t expect such a serious company to be behind all this. “

Natasha was born in Zurich, Switzerland, where she was living until 2008. This, of course, helped her to master one of the basic conditions for this job – knowledge of German language: “As soon as I saw that they were looking for a employee in the German-speaking area, I couldn’t help myself but to try. This is my first job of this sort and I am very positively surprised “, she points out.

Agents deal with receiving calls from the German-speaking area, and depending on the campaign, their tasks are different. Each of them goes through a training period, which is also paid:

“When I first started training, I was scared of how much information we got right at the beginning. All of it was mastered with great mentors. It’s also wonderful how everyone is willing to help. It’s great that mentors are present while you’re online for the first time.You feel safer when you know they are there and that they can help at any time. They explained every step nicely to us. They literally explains to us how to work and how to present ourselves “, Nataša points out and adds: “Every step should be done and archived in writing, which is very important. The main training lasts about two weeks, although the training never stops. Something new always comes and they always organize trainings in order to do their job easier and with better quality. “

One of the main advantages of working in GoCloud.group is working from home as well as flexible working hours that you create yourself:

„I try to work 25 hours a week. Some weeks more, some less. I like the job so it’s a pleasure to work for GoCloud. Since I work from home, I have more time for the children and for myself. I organize myself so that I have my hours, and in the end I still have time for private life “, says Natasa, who would recommend GoCloud to others because of the following benefits:

“I would recommendGoCloud to everyone who does not want to travel to work and who wants to choose their own working hours. I consider that this is the right job for them. You work from home, and your colleagues are wonderful. So many positive people in one place, it’s hard to find this kind of associates anywhere else. Whoever decides to work for GoCloud will not make a mistake, and we are here to help everyone and meet them with their needs, “ Nataša pointed out at the end of the conversation.

If you also speak German and want to become a part of GoCloud.group, check what they offer and sign up here!

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