Master of chess and customer support!

Work from home flexible hours, online jobs with flexible hours provide employees who work from home more time which they can devote to their hobbies.

Is chess just a game or does it have a deeper message? Mostar chess teacher Almir Mataradžić believes that every piece, every game and every move has a connection with real life: “Chess is a game of life. I often tell my students that they are kings and that they place figures in such a way as to protect themselves from others. It is the same in life, a person wants to insure himself and then the power of reasoning and logic comes to the fore.”

Almir believes that the process of making decisions and reasoning while playing chess can be transferred to real life and everyday situations: “How will we act tomorrow when we need to enroll in school or make a decision for a new job or a new spouse. Chess can help you in all that”, believes this Mostar resident.

Chess is a hobby for Almir, which he does in addition to his work from home. He is one of more than 100 employees working for GoCloud.group: “We provide customer support in German. The business is dynamic and you need to make the right move at all times given the problem or requirement the client is making at that point. Chess helped me in that field as well. “

Flexible working hours and work from home allows him to spend more time with his family, but also to dedicate himself to his hobbies: “I don’t know if a lot of people can brag about their employer, but I certainly can. You can live well in BiH, and the proof of this is exactly such companies. I would recommend everyone who speaks German to explore employment opportunities as they can always apply for open competitions ”.

If you want to make a real chess move, and you speak German, here’s your chance.

If you also want to try, GoCloud currently offers an open radon place for the following position:

Inbound – Customer service in German (m/d/f). Work from home (Home Office).

Position: The whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina & Serbia

Flexible working hours. You work when you want and how much you want;

Fixed hourly rate plus bonuses;

Paid online training;

You work for a registered Bosnian/Serbian company with a legally prescribed application;

Exclusive customer support, no sales or other forms of outbound telephony;

Apply now at: https://team.gocloud.group/en/career/

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