Our employees: Life can be beautiful in the Balkans as well

There are differences among working in regular customer service call centre and working as virtual customer service agent. There are no sales, only customer care and online data entry work.

This week we present the experiences of our employees – How and why did they come to GoCloud, what does their day look like and why would they recommend their work to others? Our first interlocutor is Elmir Čajić, who has been working for us for more than a year.

Elmir, how did you get to GoCloud?

One of my friends worked for GoCloud. I got the first information about the company from her. She was very pleased with the conditions of the work. She explained to me that this is not actually a classic call center where certain services or goods are sold, but a customer center where the emphasis is more on customer care and data entry.

What are your daily tasks?

I am currently working on three campaigns. It is a classic care for users with elements of order and data entry. All contacts we receive are exclusively incoming or chat support. No sales, leading generation or anything like that. Phone calls alone make up about 50% of all activities. The remaining 50% is data entry and maintenance. This, of course, also applies to chats.

How long have you been with us “on board” and how do you view your future in GoCloud?

I’ve been here for over a year and I can imagine staying here for decades. This is possible because no one expects me to sell or sell anything to anyone. No one expects you to be a “top seller”, but to precisely and accurately record customer concerns and use them to implement an appropriate solution to the problem. Our clients are companies that measure annual turnover in billions of euros. They need good and competent customer support / administration – and we offer them that.

What do you enjoy the most?

Each requirement is different, and each solution has several variations. That makes the work interesting. In addition, you feel very comfortable basically when you know that you can really help someone and that you are for that person, the “hero of the day” for at least one day. Of course, I also enjoy my salaries, with us we earn for normal working hours of about 170-180 hours per month about 1300-1400 KM. (I earn almost twice as much as the actual average salary). In addition to that amount, there are bonuses that are determined for each campaign.

Can work be coordinated with your free time?

I could formulate this question differently. Is there any other profession that is more compatible with your free time? Hardly likely. Opening hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. the next day. You have therefore, approx. 18-19 hours a day during which you can work when you want to or when you can. This allows for tremendous flexibility when it comes to free time.

Would you recommend GoCloud to a good friend?

I want to recommend GoCloud to anyone looking for serious work from home and knowing the German language well. We need serious employees who see their future longer in data management and customer care. We currently have 100 employees and we expect that number to at least double in 2019. We do everything to make our employees feel comfortable and see us in the long run. Precisely for that reason, our hourly wages are about 30-40% higher than in any other similar company. Believe me, life can be beautiful in the Balkans as well.

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