Interview With GoCloud.Group Executive Director – Anis Rendić

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GoCloud.group is the leading virtual BPO company in Southeast Europe. The title it proudly carries reflects the work of our employees, who present #GoCloudFamily. And although we are aware that a professional business relationship is not a family relationship, we nurture transparency, support, kindness, culture, professionalism and respect.

The executive director of the company, Anis Rendić, will tell us more about the practices within GoCloud.group, business, and management.

Anis, thank you for taking the time for PR questions! Can you tell us how you found out about GoCloud.group, and got your first job, as well as what that job was?

Thanks for the invitation! I will be happy to share my journey and experience working for and with GoCloud. I found out about GoCloud while it was still GoCloud.ba. Now that I look at it, it really was a long time ago, even in 2016, 5 (and more) years of work. I found out about the job by chance, through a job portal, applied and got a call! I started my career in GoCloud on a part-time basis in the human resources department.

We are witnessing your progress. Please describe to us your professional development and the opportunities the company has provided you.

From part-time and ancillary jobs to full-time and Head of Recruiting positions to the executive director of the company. I was involved in all phases of the company’s development, as it grew, so did my work experience, and thus my position.

List three values ​​you nurture in business relationships!?

Responsibility, loyalty and proactivity are perhaps the first three items I would mention.

Given that you are part of the management structure in charge of organizing the business, how do you form a strategy?

I form the strategy itself depending on the goals, given that the strategy is a way to achieve the goals, but in any case, I strive to make each strategy realistic, successful and preferably optimal. So far, I’ve mostly dealt with the company’s functional strategies, but lately, I’ve also been involved in GoCloud’s corporate strategies, especially on stabilization as well as development strategies.

We are aware that GoCloud.group presents many projects and is constantly developing new projects. Do you have a favourite project?

Honestly, I don’t have a favourite project we’re working on or have worked on. I see the whole business as one big “project”, which is also my favourite. Each carries its own challenges that also make it interesting for work, development and progress.

Since GoCloud.group offers flexibility and the possibility of self-organization of working hours, please describe your working day to us.

My working day looks more like an “ordinary” working day, only I do all the tasks from my home office. Most working days I am online and available from 8 am to 4 pm, and often after that. I try to always be available for all questions of our employees, as well as clients and external associates. The possibility of self-organization is of course always present, better said, it is absolutely necessary in the case of this type of work from home and the balance of work and private life.

Thank you for your time. Please give us your favourite part of your job, as well as tell us why GoCloud.group is a good hiring company?

It was a pleasure! My favourite is definitely the operational organization of business, as well as making decisions that can positively affect our entire team (and our team is my favourite!). Since GoCloud.group is a virtual BPO company, I believe that the BPO industry itself is the future, especially in Southeast Europe, and with knowledge of only one foreign language at C1/C2 level, technical affinity and will, you can find employment in one of the various positions that we offer.

Anis, thank you for your time, have a great day ahead!

Thanks, have a nice day too!

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