5 exercises for more movement in the home office

Exercises to relief back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and any ache caused by sitting still all day. Learn these desk exercises and ease your pain!  

Whoever sits at home at his desk all day and looks at a computer monitor often suffers from body tension, neck and back pain. Just a few minutes of gymnastics at home can help you prevent such ailments. In addition, gymnastics at the workplace improves efficiency and concentration and helps you, for example, overcome fatigue after a day at work.

Here you will find 5 simple exercises to do in your home office with which you can physically and mentally stay in shape and suppress the effects of prolonged sitting at the workplace behind the screen:

Exercise 1

  • Sit properly in a chair with your back facing the armchair
  • Grasp your hands as if shaking hands with yourself and stretch them out
  • Then inhale deeply by raising your arms vertically
  • Stretch far back and stay in that position for two to three breaths
  • Then lower your arms slightly as you exhale, rest for a moment and repeat this exercise two more times

Exercise 2

With the following office – gymnastic exercise, you will stretch the muscles of your arms, mobilize the muscles in your shoulders, and improve posture:

  • Sit on a chair and fold your arms in a braid (palms facing away from the body)
  • Now extend your arms forward at shoulder height
  • Keep the blades firmly connected
  • Stay in this position for 10 seconds before gradually releasing the tension

Exercise 3
A common occurrence and consequence of working behind the screen is tension in the neck area, which on the other hand often leads to headaches. The following exercise therefore contributes to stretching and strengthening the neck:

  • Tilt your head slightly to the right, looking forward, with your chin raised. Pay attention to proper sitting and keep your shoulders down
  • Reach over your head with your right hand and gently tighten your neck by pulling
  • Pull your left arm towards the floor and press your left shoulder down
  • Hold the position for ten minutes and slowly relax
  • Repeat the exercise on the other side, then two more times on each side

Exercise 4

  • With the following exercise, you stretch the lower side of the thighs, hips and buttocks muscles:
  • Sit in the middle of a chair, holding your body upright, feet hip-width apart
  • Place the right foot on the left foot so that the ankle is just in front of the knee
  • Place your right hand on your right knee and apply gentle downward pressure. Place your left hand loosely on your left knee
    • Keep your torso straight and lean forward slightly to increase leg extension
    • Hold this stretched position for a few seconds, then relax again
    • Repeat this exercise with the other side, then one more time with both feet

Exercise 5
The following exercises can help you relax your eyes from working behind the screen:

  • Warm your hands by rubbing them against each other for 15 seconds. Then put your hands on your closed eyelids and enjoy the warmth
  • Keep your eyes closed and lean back in your chair. Imagine an eight and print the number rolling your eyes
  • Then follow that same shape, but in the opposite direction. Perform the exercise alternately a total of 10 times
  • Now open your eyes and look, without turning your head, alternately left, right, up and down. Close your eyes briefly and repeat the exercise four more times

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