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Employee engagement and customer satisfaction are very important for successful business operations, since it leads to increased efficiency and productivity, and enabled healthy work life balance for employees.

This week we present you with new experiences of our employees – how and why they came to GoCloud, what their day looks like and why they would recommend their work to others. Our next interlocutor is Dženana.

How did you get to GoCloud and where did you learn German?

I found out about GoCloud two years ago online. I lived in Germany during the war in Bosnia. There I learned the German language which I use today for my new job at GoCloud.

What are your tasks?

I work as a client advisor. I receive calls and help clients resolve their requests.

What gives you the most pleasure?

I am happy to be part of a team that is always ready to help. The most important thing for me is flexible working hours. My husband is a truck driver, and he’s not at home most of the time. I am happy that the working hours can be adjusted so that I can spend more time with my husband. He doesn’t appreciate me working so much, so this is the perfect solution for me, work from home.

Can work be coordinated with your free time?

I also help parents in their work. Also, I have my own small garden with various types of vegetables. I have enough time for all my activities and all without stress. I would recommend anyone to become a part of GoCloud.

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