Our employees: “GoCloud is also the perfect opportunity for every student”

Home office jobs with flexible working schedule are great forms of online earning jobs for students.

This week we present you the new experiences of our employees – how and why they came to GoCloud, what their day looks like and why they would recommend their work to others. Our next interlocutor is Edna Mešić!

 This is your first job. How did you get into GoCloud and why?

One friend of mine had been working at GoCloud for a while and was literally dreaming about work. I was in my first year of study then and I wanted to look for a part-time job. When a friend told me about the benefits we have as home office workers and also about the benefits GoCloud offers, I was immediately intrigued. The ability to adjust working hours to lectures is simply perfect for any student.

Where did you learn German?

I was born in Germany, but I learned German here in Bosnia. When my family returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina, I was two years old. Like any child of that age, I loved cartoon series, the only difference between me and most other children of that age was that I had that luck and the ability to watch series in German. So, I learned most of it: after that, from fourth grade to high school, I had German as my first foreign language and thus the opportunity to expand my knowledge.

What is your task and how long have you been on board?

I was here for almost three years and I did different things during that period. I am currently working on two campaigns in which I take classic incoming phone calls.

 What gives you the most satisfaction?

Every customer and every request is special in its own way. Even the requirement you have often, such as a delivery complaint: as a rule, the procedure for each complaint is the same, but the way customers deal with you, describe their requirements, is different each time and thus even the “most boring” make the case interesting and unique. Also, the feeling you have when you help someone, especially older customers, who always show so much gratitude, and even if it’s something we take for granted, it means a lot to them. Helping someone every day is a great feeling. Plus, I can work in my pajamas. And that’s great too.

 Can work be coordinated with your free time?

When I tell people to study and work, they immediately ask me, “Do you have enough time for both?” It is true that I have time for both but also for family, for friends and for other things. If you adjust working hours to your life and not life to working hours, you have time for everything!

 Would you recommend GoCloud to a good friend?

Would I? Already did! For that you even get one nice welcome bonus! GoCloud is really something special, it is done from home, the employees are several hundred kilometres away. Many have never seen each other face to face, but when there is a lull at work and there is nothing to do, someone always brings coffee and talks about everything like a real, rather large family.

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