5 tips for your home office

5 home workspace tips and home office tricks for the best home office layout for productivity. Creating a work-from-home space can be challenging, and these home office setup tips will help you overcome daily challenges when bringing office to your home.

The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) estimates that twelve percent of employees work occasionally from their home office. To have the possibility of job mobility is very important for your family, and working from your computer and internet makes it possible. To make your home office the perfect place for productivity and creative ideas, here are 5 tips for designing your home office.

Tip 1: Eliminate distractions and set boundaries

Despite working from home, we should try to draw a clear line between our workplace and living space. In the long run, it makes sense to set up a home office. It is not called “home office” for no reason. Working out of bed, from your couch or in front of the TV would not be a good idea. You are used to relaxing in those places. Create a tidy atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be the whole room, but a place that signals you’re working there.

Tip 2: Comfortable seating and good lighting

Comfortable seating and good lighting are essential for your home office. The seat should be comfortable for the back and at the same time should not interfere with work processes; for example, because the armrests are too high or etc. With an ergonomically good chair, the seat height, armrest height, seat angle and backrest can be adjusted. If we are sitting on a chair, we need to make sure that the knees and pelvis form an angle of 90-100 degrees and that both feet completely touch the floor. The lighting in your home office should have a non-dazzling ceiling lighting so it can overwhelm the room with a pleasant light. This gives your home office a friendly and cosy atmosphere.

Tip 3: Dress up for your job

Getting up, drinking coffee in your pyjamas and starting your work definitely has a certain appeal. But for most people, the following is true: Dress appropriately. This will help you to set the working mode correctly and focus.

Tip 4: Leave the apartment for at least 30 minutes after the working day

When the work hours are over, you should take everything that has to do with your work out of sight and, by following the motto “if it’s not close to eyes, it will go far from the heart”. Think about other things.  After the work hours are over, the “work mode” will probably turn off as soon as you leave the apartment and spend some time in the fresh air. After all, you’ve been in the apartment all day. Changing the environment will surely relieve you of stress.

Tip 5: Team spirit

Exchanging your thoughts and discussing about different events other than work is equally important as talking about your work. There shouldn’t be only a chit-chat conversation at the coffee machine, you should seek for a real conversation with your colleague. The trust between the team workers gets stronger when they know what’s happening in each other minds.

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