Our employees: snooker, music and work go together

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This week we present new experiences of our employees – how and why they came to GoCloud & ProSupport, what their day looks like and why they would recommend their work to others. Our next interlocutor is Zlatan Fuka!

Hi, my name is Zlatan Fuka. This is my first job at GoCloud!

Every third employee came to GoCloud following the recommendation of our employees. Zlatan is one of them, although he has a completely different education!

Please tell us how you got here and how you found out about GoCloud?

On the recommendation of my school friend Lejla, I have been here for almost three years. Before that, I worked as a primary school teacher and taught music. Like most of us, I learned German during my stay in Germany. Working in GoCloud also means more flexibility and free time.

Would you recommend GoCloud to a good friend?

Among other things, I play the accordion in my band and snooker – billiards. All of this allows me the flexible working hours I have in GoCloud and that is why I would like to recommend GoCloud to anyone who knows German.

Teamwork means a lot

Colleagues are nice and ready to help, and some colleagues sweeten our day with great coffee and cakes, I really have only compliments for them. I hope that, as before, I will learn something new every day and that I will continue to develop myself in GoCloud.

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