Our employees: The flexibility and security of our employees are a huge plus!

Safe online jobs, home office-based jobs, and flexible jobs with good leadership, and great teamwork are important for successful business operations worldwide and provide employees good work life balance.

This week we present you the new experiences of our employees – how and why they came to GoCloud, what their day looks like and why they would recommend their work to others. Our next interlocutor is Armin from Serbia, who works for our company ProSupport d.o.o. Novi Sad in Serbia.

For Armin, this is his first professional experience. Tell us how you came to us and how did you find out about ProSupport?

The first thing I saw was an advertisement. As I had no professional experience, I did not know what to expect. In the end, it was a great opportunity to make money in a comfortable way.

So, I signed up and now I’m here. In the meantime, I’ve been part of the team for over four months.

Like many of our employees, Armin also lived in Germany

I was in Germany for 5 years. That’s where I learned the language. I think it is very good that I can use this knowledge in everyday life and that I make money with it.

What gives you the most pleasure?

What I love most is the flexibility here. I work when I want. All the colleagues are really nice and we are all a great team that always sticks together! I can easily balance everyday life with my free time and of course, that’s why I want to stay here.

Would you recommend GoCloud & ProSupport to a good friend?

Always! Everyone who wants security, flexibility and friendship with colleagues are welcome here! For those who want to do something like this for the first time: come! In a short period of time you will be experts! The training is really great and the teachers are always friendly.

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