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Female digital marketers, women in tech, and women in internet industry are inspiring other women and are advancing women in technology and other women in digital marketing. Gender pay analysis helps us find more about internet, technology, and digital marketing industries.

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day, and even though 67% of GoCloud.group employees are women, which is an increase of 6% compared to previous year, we cannot but wonder – what about women in digital marketing, internet, tech industries?

According to historically done research it was stated that women indeed were paid less than men in Internet industry – regardless of experience and qualifications!

Time of search marketing means numbers say it all! So, let’s not base anything on speculation, but real data.

Based on gender pay gap analysis conducted by Marketing Week Career the data states following:

“Compared with 2017, the gender pay gap has narrowed by two percentage points for junior marketing executives, three points for owners/partners, four points for junior managers and seven points for marketing directors/vice-presidents. The gender pay gap has, however, widened over the past year for female board directors (18 points) and team managers (eight points).”

However, the priorities seem to variate according to the gender as well:

Due to limited opportunities women are more motivated to leave their current role by 38.6% versus 35% of men. When it comes to current roles satisfaction, men are happy in percentage of 55.1%, while 54.2% of women are happy with current roles.

However, men are more willing to leave their current position for better financial remuneration than women (68.8% of men versus 63% of women). Women are more willing to leave current role for flexible working – 21.5% of women versus 12.3% of men.

According to the job portal Hired, women in tech sector are offered 3% less than men for the same job. There is also the data that states that 61% is “the percentage of time women are asking for lower salaries than men”, and “65% of women feel discriminated against in the workplace”. “41% of time companies are interviewing only men for a given role.”

When it comes to SEO gender gap research – a voluntary survey – it showed that women are outnumbered by men by more than 2 to 1.

There was also a fact:

“Female-identifying SEOs are almost twice as likely to be contractors or freelancers” compared to “those who identify as men (17.7% vs. 10.6%). However, it’s unclear if female-identifying SEOs are heading out on their own because they don’t feel they can get a fair shake working for others, or if they’re drawn to the freedom and flexibility of freelance work.”

Data provided allows us to acknowledge that there is a lot of room and there are opportunities to encourage women in given industries, and to help women work towards lowering gaps which do not stand on any fair points. We at GoCloud.group vote for equality and empowerment!

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