Why is free time so important?

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There are many work-life challenges, but there are also work-life balance and stress management solutions. Read these useful remote working tips.

Free time should be used as a counterbalance to stress at work. GoClouds flexible working hours offer our colleagues the opportunity to organize their day well. Spring is coming and it is very important for us that we all enjoy life outside of work and make the most of our free time.

No one can be a permanent perfectionist in their work if from time to time in private life they do not find balance, set a distance from professional problems and fill themselves with new strength. Those who regularly take conscious “breaks” from and after work not only increase their life joy and performance but can also suppress physical and mental illnesses (e.g. high blood pressure, colds, muscle tension, depression).

However, some people do just the opposite: they withdraw from professional stressful situations from friends and family, neglect hobbies and free time, and focus more and more on work. Or they fall into the so-called “free time trap” and out of fear that they will miss something, they transfer professional demands into their private life (e.g. perfectionism, opinion about prestige).

But even actionism usually does not bring the desired relaxation but leads to even greater stress. In these cases, there is often a lack of awareness that regular periods of relaxation are needed to stay healthy and then be able to be fully operational again. Such periods of relaxation are therefore not a waste of time, but a necessary rest for physical and mental regeneration.

For example, if you feel overly exhausted in your job, you should be careful not to burden yourself further in your free time. Regular relaxation exercises, adequate sleep, a healthy diet, nature walks, massages, a pleasant lunch with friends, consciously “doing nothing” or light endurance sports can have a calming effect.

On the other hand, if you are one-sided at work, you should prefer to spend free time that is contrary to professional tasks (e.g. craft activities or strength sports with predominant mental work; puzzles or creative activities with physically demanding work).

And those who feel quite professionally challenged should look for challenging activities in their free time that expand their own horizons (e.g. volunteering, attending hobby courses, learning a musical instrument

When it comes to spending free time, it is especially important to take care of your own needs and be able to mentally disconnect. Unlike professional activities, free time should not be spent doing or fulfilling an obligation, but to give ourselves pleasure and enjoyment.

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