Various projects, digital connectivity, productivity in the home office and the availability of multilingualism and the uniqueness of cultures are a real discovery for everyone and what we offer in our company

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Despite the difficult times, we have not given up when it comes to the right things and values. We remain committed to the same goals and aspirations: The pursuit of enviable achievement and even greater improvement of customer service. We are developing in targeted fields and maintaining the foundation of the company by additional building and analysis of the campaign, whose competencies meet different criteria.
A colleague who has been in GoCloud for a long time and someone who is extremely satisfied in one ideal form, in accordance with his wishes and what is offered, will talk about how our company differs from others.
An additional stimulus would be new projects: “New projects make the individual additionally motivated, make him/her work on improving their own quality, which is basically the driver for a person to progress further,” Slaven Erzeg says.
Slaven brought us closer to his experience in GoCloud, we found out what motivates him, what suits him best and how he stays productive, even though the work he does is most closely related to one room, which is intended for one individual. Where does he get his energy from and what is the reason for staying in this company?
“I am Slaven Erceg, a guy who grew up in Kozarska Dubica, and has been living in Banja Luka for the last 6 years. My first experience was essentially also a branch of this kind. As a result, I quickly got used to it and developed different work tactics and realized how virtual work from home actually works and what its‘ advantages are. I have always wanted to be independent, and for my existence on Earth to be framed by something that will help othes, and bring to me, in addition to good earninsgs, satisfaction and insipiration.
I didn´t find myself in companies before GoCloud, they weren’t promising, I wanted extremity, concreteness and integration. The difference in GoCloud attracted me the most, interesting varieties in terms of expanding information and tasks that we do every day, and that someone as a worker in charge of the clientele, can progress more and even contribute and bring some impact to the company.
As for GoCloud in general, I didn’t know about the company’s existence. Like many, I came here based on recommendation. There were a number of variations, as for everything in life, there is a path that a person needs to cross on his own, to learn and to return to his own, to what he wants or to what awaits him at the end of that journey. I waited a year for an appointment and an interview. After a year, I succeeded and then I had to improve my abilities in the field of linguistics.
Coming into the whole story, as one of the supporting actors with a very interesting role as an agent who works 40 hours a week, I do the work for a specific clientel, who are very broad-minded and eloquent selected team. I liked the accuracy and precision of these people, which I did not have as one of the human characteristics and what was crucial for my staying.“
We asked him, is there anything he would suggest to the company or possibly change?
“The criterion is more than great, as far as my personal opinion is concerned, the flexibility I am offered, the freedom to decide what will be my working hours is something that is valued above all. As far as change is concerned, I don’t have concrete cahnges to propose , each company is special for itself with all its‘ rules and set conditions.“
Also, what we wanted to know, considering the great number of hours indoors as well as further recommendation for other workers who have not yet balanced their time or are’t used to this type of work, how does Slaven remain productive?
“Sport and good sleep. Sport before or after work, which maintains the human body and a healthy spirit, and one important detail is of course sleep. In order to push through the next day, which requires mental commitment, sleep plays a big role.“
In the end, we wanted to know, who is responsible for success, for support and what is the main motive in life?
“Gratitude, first of all – to myself. Believing in yourself, not giving up in the moments when it was really hard, effort, will, perseverance, sacrifice; as a key, as something that is a necessity to succeed in what one wants to persevere in. The main motive, I think, is the motive of each person to see himself/herself at the end of the road with the flag of eternal victory. And that is that she/he succeeded in what she/he intended.“
If you want reality in a world of cruelty, to be surrounded by people who really want to achieve something and do the job properly, and if you have a heart left in this world and you want to sacrifice it and give it somewhere, come to GoCloud. Here are all hearts, strengths and minds united and then from here we go together to new achievements and build paths of success. 🙂

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