The region of multilingualism

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Bilingualism and multilingualism are present in Southeast Europe on a large scale. There are thousands of English speakers and German speakers, but other languages are present too.

UNESCO has declared the 21st century the era of multilingualism. Multilingualism is no longer the exception, but the rule in Southeastern Europe.

79% of Serbian citizens speak at least one foreign language, compared to 78% in Croatia. Both countries are above the EU average of 64.60%. Countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia or Montenegro are slightly below the EU average, but still very close.

According to a survey by MarketMakers, there are currently about 290,000 well-educated English speakers and 57,500 German speakers under 50 years of age in Bosnia and Herzegovina alone. It is estimated that about 300,000 people under 30 are currently learning German.

In accordance with the promotion of multilingualism as one of the most important skills of modern times, in almost all elementary school in Southeast Europe one foreign language is taught in the lower classes, while another foreign language is added in the upper classes.

The most popular foreign language is of course English. The only two SEE countries listed in the global ranking of the EF English Proficiency Index are ranked in the “very high” and “high” categories according to language proficiency. German is usually chosen as the second foreign language. So, our region has a healthy pipeline of trained speakers of these two world languages.

Other languages such as French, Italian, Spanish and Russian are also becoming increasingly popular and are often chosen as a second foreign language. Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina has created a trend for young people to learn Arabic and Turkish in order to communicate more easily with tourists from these areas.

All this leads us to the conclusion that the SEE region is becoming an attractive destination for outsourcing of large global companies and that one of the pillars of the economy in these countries will become the BPO industry.

Our company has also recognized this trend. We currently provide BPO services to European and US companies in the areas of call centre, customer care, human resources, data processing, research, IT, marketing, finance and administration. We were founded in 2015 and have become pioneers in virtual customer care. We are a leading provider of multilingual and virtual Omni-Channel customer support for global companies from Southeast Europe.

Unlike stationary BPO providers who source their staff and knowledge exclusively from one geographical centre, our virtual solution draws its resources from the entire region of Southeast Europe. We search, recruit and integrate only the best professionals at a regional level. The talent pool is therefore unlimited, allowing us to select only the most qualified and experienced professionals for your project with the skills you require.

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