The power of LOGO

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One of the most important aspects to consider when establishing a successful business is your logo. While designing a logo may not be at the top of your priority list, it is an essential component of building a successful brand.

Sure, you know what company is behind the bitten apple? My friends found me funny the other day – we were playing “What Would You Rather?”, and the card said: “Would you rather have an infinite number of Apple devices or free Wi-Fi everywhere you go?”, and what I’ve heard was actually if I would love an infinite number of apples in my life OR free Wi-Fi, imagine their laughter once I said free Wi-Fi and they were like: “Nooo, we’d take an infinite number of Apple devices, what is wrong with you?” And imagine my visual expression upon finding this. Lucky enough it wasn’t for real, haha! 

This, however, would have NEVER happened if I saw a LOGO!  

Business logo design is an important part of business establishment, business development, brand identity, brand trust, often put in hands of trustworthy graphic designers.  

Brand awareness and brand identity are established often visually, by its logo. And we understand once we see some legendary logos of legendary brands we often automatically think – oh, this is high-quality, I don’t mind spending extra, what a luxury, and so on and so forth. Then, again, when we see certain logos of brands that aren’t on so good terms with the word of mouth, we might as well miss the perfect sneakers as its brand presented by the logo, screams some – non-quality, not worth it, ideas.  

So, logo means “identification, differentiation and positive/negative brand associations”. And when we mention negative brand association, well, initially brands and their logos are all built to bring the positive associations, negative ones arise from other areas of influence under the scope of a given brand, altering its logo association towards negative one.  

Visually, a brand logo can have a hidden meaning, awakening customers curiosity and bringing attention. Once attention is brought it needs to be kept by other strategies, but don’t forget the power of a mysterious logo! Logos of certain companies mean stories, some of which are passed from generation to generation, always talked about, and discussed. And yes, stories sell, and good stories sell well.  

As logo brings positive association it also brings customer loyalty and commitment, both of which lead towards greater sales and revenue!  

Don’t underestimate the power of visual representation and what it means for your brand!  



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