The Most Famous CPA (Cost Per Attention!)

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Attention is a necessary ingredient for effective advertising. The market for consumer attention (or “eyeballs”) has become so competitive that attention can be regarded as a currency.

We are all aware of the average Cost Per Click, of the Cost Per Acquisition, of the Cost Per Mile, Cost Per View, etc., but once we make a pause and think about it all together, what lies in the centre of all marketing efforts is users’ attention. Once adequate attention is in the game, i.e., the attention of the targeted audience, the results grow, and we find marketing campaigns bringing great success! 

The Cost Per Attention might not be the official performance marketing measurement unit, but it is digital marketing objective, and one of the most important KPIs in digital marketing. 

We often put frequency cap, thinking: “If 3 impressions don’t bring us valuable action, it might not be worth it.” Think about this strategy and its main goal – it’s not about the reach nor number of impressions nor CPM, it is all about valuable attention, the desired attention which will lead towards the click, which will lead towards the conversion completion!  

Never underestimate the power of user’s attention and be focused on bringing innovative ad copies, innovative Call to Actions, innovative creatives, which will deliver attention and spread across social media and other channels by simple truth of being given attention to, being attributed the importance, especially in the era where user’s attention must be fought for, as it shifts so easily!  

Focus on targeted audience, not on having necessarily million of users within audience, but the one with behaviours and preferences that can be met by your product/service.  

Think about the greater picture – user’s needs, behaviour, preference, age, gender, interests, your campaign objectives, and your main KPIs. Don’t solely focus on numbers, but before numbers think about all the aspects of one campaign, and what needs to be accomplished by it!  

You don’t want users shouting: “Great ad, but not for me!”, right? And we have heard it SO MANY times. New clients come with inboxes full of these messages, and it only additionally drives clients ATTENTION from focusing on what truly and really matters – the targeted INTERESTED audience, to which we give our attention! 😊  

Rest assured that all other costs will be amazing once your Cost Per Attention is at the satisfying level!  

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