Recruiting IT Professionals

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IT recruiting companies, international IT recruitment agencies, IT contract agencies and other, are oriented towards finding IT professionals, certified IT security specialists etc., as part of management in IT industry.

The demand for IT professionals is higher than ever. No serious company can do without these highly qualified experts – this leads to increased competition for this staff.

What is IT Recruiting?

IT Recruiting means specialist headhunting of IT professionals and management with the aim of sparking interest in a particular company, as a potential new employer.

As part of its activities, GoCloud.group successfully deals with IT recruitment in the entire region of Southeast Europe. Unlike most IT Recruiting agencies, we employ every mediated IT professional in our company. Each position is done exclusively remotely from home.

Here are our 6 steps to successful IT Recruiting:

1. Create a strategy

Potential candidates should be contacted exclusively with a specific strategy. If you have not yet identified what exactly you need an IT expert for and how you will fit it into your existing corporate structure, take your time, write everything down and go “hunting”.

2. Create an accurate request profile

To prevent subsequent inquiries from potential candidates, create an accurate application profile. Which set of skills do you need? At what level? How much experience does a potential employee need to have? Languages? Modalities of work? Does it work exclusively from home or do you need an expert and an in-house? What documentation do you want to get from the candidate, etc.? These are all questions that a potential candidate will ask you if you do not clearly define it immediately in the application profile?

3. Proper communication and job advertisement

Phrases do not pass in this category. IT professionals often receive the same and similar queries. Be direct in your requests and offers. The same goes for designing job advertisements. It is assumed that the candidate knows how to work on a computer. Do not write the same and similar requirements to complete the ad.

4. Acitve Sourcing

Once all the conditions are defined and you have an accurate idea of ​​what you need, you need to start with active sourcing. The best option is to have an already established network of contacts from the IT industry with which you can place your ad and your need. Of course, not everyone has broken down Networking so we definitely recommend that you try to find specialist groups on social media where people who have the set of skills you need gather. If you have additional free funds, it is certainly not a bad option to rent an ad on job search portals and to advertise it through your existing accounts on social networks.

5. Identification of suitable candidates

Ideally, you will receive your first applications soon. Our recommendation is to filter your applications as soon as possible, and within 24 hours at the latest. That brings you extra points. Firstly, you will collect additional points from candidates who do not fit the profile because you will contact them quickly and leave a positive and professional impression, and secondly, suitable candidates will receive quick feedback from you on further steps and this prevents someone from “stealing” a good candidate.

6. Become specific

Don’t waste time on useless steps. If you like the candidate, send him/her a test assignment as soon as possible. Give him/her a deadline and see how committed he/she is to getting a job at your company. If the test task is good and if the candidate shows commitment, do not waste time, hire him immediately because if you hesitate, someone else will hire him/her.

Although before IT Recruiting was a human resources job directly in the company, this is slowly changing due to the so-called “War for Talents”, which is especially pronounced in the IT industry. Assigning this job to Active Sourcing specialists gives a greater dimension of professionalism and timeliness.

GoCloud.group can help you in this area. Contact us and we will work together to create a specific strategy for filling your vacant IT positions and we will give you full support in retaining and improving the brought IT experts.

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