Paid online event as a new tool of generating revenue

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Paid online events, i.e., Facebook paid online events, are new digital marketing product which provide possibility of creation of online events, e-transactions, targeting audiences, and more at SMM platform.

Facebook, as a universal representative and initiator of Social Media Marketing (SMM), continuously analyses clients and companies needs in the time of Covid 19, and it presents a new tool for SMB (small and medium businesses) – paid online events!

Covid 19 has caused economic changes at a global level, as well as changes in behavior of buyers and users of products and services across many industries. Time of pandemic implies adjustment of businesses and managements to new conditions and models of behavior of targeted market audiences. We are witnesses of historic expansion and development of online markets and businesses, which leads to accelerated globalization and lower business costs. Grocery shopping, clothes purchasing, online meetings, online film festival, online concerts and even online hangouts with friends are already part of everyday life. Facebook, as a leading social network and one of most successful companies worldwide, presents the possibility of organizing paid online events – a service for which their representatives guarantee that will be for free for at least a year! The tool helps small and medium businesses survive pandemics and generate a revenue through monetization of classes and online events.

Therefore, paid online events are free of charge products which allow companies, educators, agencies, marketers and creators the set-up of paid events or classes online, as well as the chance of keeping 100% of generated revenue. The only exception is iOS, where event creators need to give up 30% of total generated revenue in order to pay App-Store tax.

Creation of paid event service includes event hosting, possibility of promotion, ticket sales, as well as payment process. Businesses and other creators can check whether they meet the criteria of being able to set up paid online events at the following link.

In case you want to create online event you will get a chance of creating custom content and promoting it organically or through paid ads, and charging tickets needs to be done through system provided by Facebook. Of course, you will need to link transaction account to which you will receive payments, and you will have to follow monetization rules of companies partners. For every event or class that you will create you can choose custom audience to which you will present it.

Many small and medium businesses have started using this, free of charge, tool and they are delighted and have provided great reviews. Experts have held conferences, sports matches have been held, as well as cooking and education classes, therapy sessions, and many other events.

GoCloud.group, as one of leading European Virtual Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, will definitely analyze paid online events advantages, as well as follow current trends that are present at the world market. The tool is offered across Europe, USA, parts of Asia, Mexico and Canada.

Paid online events are novelty in marketing world and possibly a great tool for generating significant income to small and medium businesses, educators, artists, marketing agencies, and other creators. The tool allows video-content upload as well as live streaming events, which are additional benefits. Social media in this way will make process of normalization of online events easier and they will be better accepted by users. 

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