Outsourcing trends in 2022

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been developing over the past couple decades. It has been demonstrated to be a huge help to businesses over time. One of the major reasons why most organizations favor outsourcing services is due of its cost-efficiency. 

As one of the world’s fastest expanding sectors, constant innovation and change are expected in outsourcing. Every year, new trends develop, such as software upgrades or new technologies. 

To optimize your resources as a business owner, you must keep up with all current outsourcing trends.  

What are the strongest outsourcing trends in 2022? 

Here is a summary of important outsourcing trends predicted to resurface in 2022. 

1. Increased remote working efforts

The epidemic has increased remote working. But it is reasonable to assume that the majority of firms who outsource remain pro-job. Many organizations have adjusted to the new normal of doing business as a result of COVID-19. As a result, they now work exclusively remotely. Outsourcing enterprises must adhere to tight regulations. 

2. Full implementation of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

Some BPO companies started to adopt RPA last year. It is designed to make the workflow efficient and make businesses more responsive, flexible, and profitable. 

From chatbot-based live chat support services to voice automation has helped outsourcing companies to handle tedious tasks effectively and elevate their services. 

In 2022, more outsourcing companies will completely utilize RPA. By automating repetitive processes, it allows staff to focus on more complicated tasks. Companies that are more inventive and productive would be preferred. 

3. Increased focus on security 

We all know data has become the most valuable resource in this technical world. And so are the cybersecurity issues which are still the top concerns of a company. As with remote working, we are prone to more malicious and vulnerable activities online. 

Outsourcing would prioritize cybersecurity in 2022. BPO companies would use a multi-level security technique to reduce threats and safeguard data.

4. Demand for Cloud-based technology 

Cloud services would continue to expand and grow. Cloud-based technology allows users to utilize information and programs that are on the internet.

 This requires a feeling of urgency and resources to handle the growing requirements in cybersecurity. Businesses want a security partner who can assure protection and give the necessary security solutions. 

It is a great solution for saving costs since there would be no need to invest in traditional hardware. 

Also, since data is a key component in the outsourcing industry, cloud-based technology could help quickly recover files in case of a mishap. This would require little to no downtime, avoiding work delays. 

5. Demand for Social Media Services 

One of the rising trends in outsourcing is the demand for social media services. In 2020 over 3.6 billion people worldwide were using social media. 

On average, an Internet user spends 144 minutes of their time on social media. Thus more companies started to utilize social media services to interact with their customers to leverage their business. 

6. Powerful communication tools & omnichannel solutions 

A unified communication tool and the omnichannel solution is one of the top outsourcing trends for 2022. Since outsourcing companies are adept with technology, they will be able to facilitate and develop the tools and resources to establish a seamless omnichannel experience. This solution will help both outsourcing companies and customers as it improves CX. 

Key Takeaway

Most of the trends for 2022 are pretty much close to last year. Some technologies are the same but improved while others are really new. Technologies and techniques would continuously evolve when it comes to this industry.

A few years back, outsourcing merely offers help with non-core functions but nowadays, BPO companies carry out even core tasks. Outsourcing trends are always changing, making the outsourcing industry more efficient. This would allow you to widen your business’s reach and improve your service.

That’s why it is essential also for a business to have an outsourcing partner that is always up to date. As the leading virtual BPO company in Southeast Europe, we are always welcoming trends and changes. Contact us for more details!

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