Morning routine – the perfect start to the day

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Miracle morning habits make best morning routine for healthy life and result in the positivity effect and in the improved work processes and efficiency.

Beautiful morning! It is the best to experience it on your own, not just to wish it on someone else, and that is possible only with a proper morning routine. Day will start with a better mood; you will not feel low and you will have a cheerful thought about the upcoming hours in the day. What is especially promising in the morning routine is: whoever starts the day correctly, will finish earlier at best. It sounds a little hard to achieve but it’s doable.

Without a proper morning routine, the day starts badly — and then only gets worse. In addition, people are known to love habits and this is where the morning routine comes to the fore. Hectic in the morning quickly becomes a habit and every day starts in the same uncomfortable, partially even harmful way.

What exactly a morning routine looks like, with which you personally can save the most time or get the most out of efficiency, can be very individual. The ideal start to the day, however, can be different for everyone individually: coffee or tea? Sport or rather relaxation? Do you get up at 5 or do you prefer to use the time after 7? The more detailed, the more different the variations.

If you manage to get rid of bad habits and replace them with a better morning routine, it already has several positive effects and advantages:

You start the day the right way

You can prolong every morning, get to work in a bad mood and start working lazily. The morning routine can help you change your attitudes in the morning and start the day correctly.

You achieve more

For many, real efficiency only starts after a few hours, and much of the day remains more or less unused. With a proper morning routine, you manage to increase productivity and in the end you have more than a day

Use the most important part of the day

The phenomenon of the morning routine and the associated positive effects are already known to science: “We usually have a period of about three hours in which we are really focused,” says social psychologist Ron Friedman of the Harvard Business Review. During that period, we are able to plan well, think sharply and speak nicely. And those are the first three hours after getting up. A time in which we get energy through sleep. If the morning routine is missing, this particularly important part of the day simply remains unused and fades away. If you develop a personal morning routine, you can make the most of these precious hours.

You convey a good mood to others

When everyone in a bad mood gathers in the morning, quarrels are only a matter of time. However, if you follow a good example and are in a good mood, you will transfer it to others and thus create a positive environment.


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