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LinkedIn Ads is online marketing platform where modern marketing strategies and trends in digital advertising are presented and improved. LinkedIn ads are being improved with Video engagement audiences retargeting, conversational ads creation, and new reporting metrics.

LinkedIn Ads platform was created in 2005, and in 15 years it has become one of leading online marketing platforms, with special importance for B2B relations improvements.

There are more then 300 million active LinkedIn Ads users, and this fantastic marketing platform lets us choose specifications of targeted audiences, such as job role, business industry, etc. Throughout the history LinkedIn Ads has followed, implemented, and created contemporary marketing trends and improvements, and, as Facebook Ads itself, has let us choose campaign objective, create various ad types, Lookalike and Custom audiences, as well as given us a chance to use various other tools.

GoCloud.group, as a leading virtual BPO company in Southeast Europe, with B2B business focus, implements marketing novelties which enable the best kind of business processes and goals achievements.

In last few months LinkedIn Ads has presented significant improvements, and in this blog, we will explain some of them.

Video engagement audiences retargeting

Last year LinkedIn Ads presented Video Views as a possible campaign objective, which was wonderful news! However, soon it was clear that we will be able to create only prospecting campaigns, which is good if we want to improve brand awareness, number of clicks, shares, and views, of course. Impossibility of targeting audience that has already realized some type of engagement action, so called retargeting audience creation, presented a problem that has been fixed!

Now we have the opportunity to create audience based on the percent of time during which the video was watched, i.e. we can create audience that has seen 25%, 50%, 75% or 97% of certain video in last 365 days.

In a similar way we can create audience based on opening and filling in Lead Gen forms. Created audiences need to have at least 300 members before they can be successfully used in campaign.

Lookalike audiences can be created for both types of above given audiences as well, which is useful addition.

Conversational Ads creation possibility

This ad type is similar to ads we find in our email inbox, or to one of Facebook ad types. They help in creating better interaction with final users. It is possible to realize direct conversation with user, or to send personalised business messages.
In case you would like to set up conversational ads your campaign’s objective needs to be either Leads Generation or Website Visits.

New metrics as reports improvement

LinkedIn Ads reports have been improved by new metrics – Reach and Avg. Frequency ones. These metrics will help us prevent the feeling of oversaturation caused to users by seeing same ad too many times, so called ad fatigue.
2020 has brought significant changes in digital marketing world, and we believe there will be more of them for the purpose of economic and business improvements. Keep reading our blog as we will present you many novelties!

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