Interesting Digital Marketing Facts

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Digital Marketing facts are important for current and future trends of digital marketing. Facts and the best digital marketing strategies 2020 are closely related. Marketing facts help in understanding digital marketing!
Digital Marketing is present in various forms, and as such, used by many industries. As 2020 and 2021 brought a spike in ecommerce, digital marketing usage became one of the most important components for businesses survival, and improvement. Online sales became more important than ever.
As there was an increase in online sales, the discoverability of brands online became highly important to gain and keep users’ attention.

We have seen a great increase in online traffic, more registered users and online reviews, more sales and increased revenue and ROAS for our clients.
Let’s discover some of the most interesting digital marketing facts!

  1. According to KPMG, men spend 68% more money online than women!
  2. There are more than 77000 searches/second on Google!
  3. More than 70% marketers consider high-quality content the most efficient SEO tactic.
  4. Average open rate of welcome emails is 82%.
  5. Based on survey done in US 79% consumers would more likely shop online if given free shipping.
  6. The highest cart abandonment rates are in finance, non-profit, travel, and retail industries.
  7. 90% of websites do not get any organic traffic from Google!
  8. 50% of consumers consider online live chat as the best way to reach a business.
  9. 50% out of all search queries are made of 4 words or more!
  10. When it comes to email marketing personalization is very important – subject lines, once personalized, lead to 22% more chance to get an email opened!
  11. Emojis in email subject lines are good way to increase openness rate – by 56%!
  12. The highest open rate of emails comes from these with subject line of 6-10 words.
  13. The most effective marketing tactics are testimonials from clients and case studies.
  14. Product and service reviews are extremely important – they are 12 times more trusted than sales copy and description of product/service, and on average 70% online consumers look at reviews prior to making a purchase.
  15. More than 80% of consumers trust in online reviews equally as they trust their personal contacts!
  16. 142 minutes is spent on social media daily.
  17. More than 50% of online purchases are completed through mobile devices!
  18. More than 85% of consumers will not return to website after a negative experience.
  19. 2021 will bring increased adoption of voice search, following 2020 trends.
  20. Time to write a blog increased by 65% from 2014 to 2021 – average time to write a blog in 2014 was 2.24 hours, while in 2019 it was 3.57 hours!
  21. Blogs are important content marketing strategy – more than 69% of businesses invest in it actively.
  22. In fact, blogs, social media posts, and newsletters are top 3 content mediums for B2B marketers.
  23. As of January 2021, Facebook accounts 2.8 billion active users!
  24. The most common reason why people unsubscribe from an email list is that they receive too many emails.
  25. Based on opinion of 31% B2B marketers enamel marketing is the best way to get leads!

From data, and therefore facts, marketers, including GoCloud.group team, learn what are the best practices to run successful campaigns for clients and increase sales, ROAS, and decrease costs!

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