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Many in-house marketing-oriented companies, as well as agencies, hire influencers.

Digital marketing brought various marketing practices, new marketing trends, and valuable digital marketing services, and influencer marketing is extremely important.

In case the company hires only influencers, and keep its marketing in-house, the agency might step in and pitch with the standing point that influencers are only interested in e.g., “free goods”, money, with no real interest in their brand, while agencies can provide a full marketing approach, and really appreciate the brand and its heart. On the other hand, influencers can have standing points against agencies claiming they are dinosaurs already.

These are unique cases, exceptions, not rules. We are all aware that influencers are a great part of marketing, who bring great value, and yes, they can both care and promote brands, while high-quality marketing can be done by agencies who utilize the latest trends. The best promotion, in many cases, comes from the collaboration of these marketing giants – influencers and marketing agencies!

Yes, there are types of influencers, based on social media followers, so let’s dive into that division:
Micro-influencers (up to 50K)
Rising influencers (50K – 100K)
Midi-influencers – (100K – 500K)
Macro-influencers (500K+).

The greatest power of influencers comes from the fact that you can choose the cooperation with an influencer who has built the trust and sense of belonging to YOUR targeted audience, which is a direct link, and we all know that audience wants story and trust.

Based on the given explanation, brands could say – okay, let’s work with macro-influencer with the audience which we target – however, studies have shown that in certain cases micro-influencers actually have the highest engagement rates.

Depending on your “conversion goal”, key performance indicator, budget, targeted audience, location, language, demographics, and other factors, you (as a brand), will decide on which influencer to contact and offer the cooperation to, but we advise – do the market research and complete research of what is the best for your industry.

The power of influencers is not only the audience reached, their brand, loyalty, trust they possess with their audience, but also exposure on different channels! If you think of Instagram only when the word influencer is mentioned, you are wrong!

Yes, there is an Instagram Model, but there are also: “The Candid Snapchatter”, “The Twitter Troll”, “The YouTube Star”, “The LinkedIn VIP”.

In the era of our loved digital marketing, performance can be tracked almost real-time, and there is no difference when it comes to influencer marketing!

Use promo codes, UTM parameters, hashtags!

As with any kind of marketing – there are no guarantees. But there are many, many successful cooperations which brought brands effective campaigns!

Let us know what you think of influencer marketing?


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