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Digital marketing strategy implementation and practice include media marketing techniques, such as ecommerce marketing techniques, social media promotion techniques, b2b marketing techniques, business promotion techniques, then multi-level marketing systems, and more.

Use some of these amazing marketing techniques for your own marketing strategy. Even though various marketing specialists of all times present to us different lessons, philosophy, and approaches, they all lead to same results, which are customer loyalty and great conversions. Create a successful marketing strategy using one or combining more of these exceptional marketing techniques of all times:

New possibilities through multilevel marketing

Mary Kay Ash quit her job when a man whom she taught at the field of sales was promoted to a position that was paid way much more then hers. She became multilevel marketing expert with pointing out that women and men can gain equal successes. Some of her marketing innovations were sharing luxury gifts, direct sales through people from familiar surroundings, etc.

Be the best in what you choose to do

Michael Phelps is not a marketing specialist, but for sure he taught us that being the best in what we do will provide us many opportunities. His remarkable skills in swimming gained him hundreds of millions of dollars, the greatest sponsors at the world, chance to meet great politicians. You shall not be trying to be great at many things, but devote your work and time to one thing, and be best at it!

People who create service/product, shall also use it

In order to create Disney brand, that represents amazing marketing by itself, Walt Disney’s employees (business and park ones), used to visit, go to rides, and spend time in park before it was open to public. This helped in creating exceptional rides that are attraction even today.

Design is very important

Many people connected technology and design, but Steve Jobs was the one whose connection of these two created an amazing success. Users want their technology to be special and nice, not only useful, and design is extremely important in marketing.

You should be exceptional

We learned that people love exceptional, different, remarkable by Seth Godin. For services/products to be noticed at the market they need to be different/old-fashioned/super-modern/unique/great, i.e. they need not to be the same as all other services/products from given industry. Attention must be not only drawn but kept as well and you should be exceptional in order to do so!

You should test constantly

Advertising genius, David Ogilvy, used split tests in order to choose the best ad and show it at the wider level (process included releasing two ads related to same area at the same time, but each with certain unique feature, and then monitoring the performance of both and choosing the best variation). This is a great technique for constant marketing improvement.
GoCloud.group employees devote special attention to technology development and its design, as well as to marketing design in general. Daily they test various marketing techniques, analyse performance, and in such way provide the best service for our clients. They also use certain marketing services themselves. Also, our employees monitor notifications and announcements from areas of interests daily, and often they invest in education and improvements. Above given marketing lessons have been successful for years, and they have a feature of being all-time true lessons.

Source: AmericanExpress.com

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