I brought my work with me and began a new life

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The coronavirus pandemic is or will be largely reflected on the B&H economy. Few companies have remained immune to current global developments. Still, some of them, who base their business online, manage to resist. One of them is GoCloud.group, a domestic company with more than 100 employees. The secret of success? Everyone works from home. The largest German-language virtual contact center in the south-eastern part of Europe continues its business. We learned what and how they work from Dita Gračić, Business Development Manager of the company, who revealed more about her beginnings.

“I joined GoCloud in January 2017 on the recommendation of a friend who was then working at the mentioned company as an agent. At the time, I was also working from home for a German company. In the summer of 2013, I moved from Germany to Bosnia with my then underage daughter and I was able to “take” the job with me at the time. The reason for my return lies in the nostalgia I increasingly felt for my homeland. My wish was to find a good job in Bosnia, which would be fun, well paid and, of course, insured. Many will say that it is impossible to find it here”, said Dita.

The largest number of employees are agents. However, they also have room for progress, which is confirmed by her case:

“In GoCloud, I started, figuratively speaking, from the first step, as an agent who worked 22 hours a week. After only six months of working with my team, where I gained many friendships, my knowledge and commitment were recognized and I was promoted to the position of Team Leader, full time. This was a great job, since I had the opportunity to lead, train and motivate agents from their first day and start work. After a year, CEOs Damir and Mirza offered me the position of COO, which of course I reluctantly accepted. Another challenge that required knowledge that they recognized in me, without me even being aware of it until then.

I was more motivated and happier day by day because someone follows my progress in work and entrusts me with new positions and new responsibilities. The COO position was my second step. After a year, I got a new opportunity – Business Development Manager, which I have been doing since February 2020. Another challenge and time to prove myself to the CEOs, but also to myself. Another challenge through which I got to know myself better.”. Dita’s work from home has helped a lot as it brings a number of benefits:

“I’ve been working from home for eight years, and I can’t imagine working in an office. Among other things, we save a lot on the time we need to get to work, as well as on travel costs. This form of work from home is especially good for mothers. I was a single mother for a long time and I had a better insight into my child’s development from home. Working hours are flexible. I decide when I will work. I never liked office work, as it often stays from morning to night. Working from home allows me to better organize myself, so for example during a break I can prepare lunch for the family, and even eat with them. Of course, there are challenges we have to deal with when working from home, since we are always within the same four walls. I found balance in walks with friends and the gym. Last summer I got married and moved to another city, 100 km away. If I had worked in a stationary Call Center or had some other office job, I would have lost my job. This is how I simply “took” him with me to another city.”

The GoCloud family has more than 100 employees, and Dita reveals what is most appreciated by potential candidates:

“If you want to sign up for GoCloud.group yourself, you have to know German very well, be reliable and be a team player because we often support and help each other. My business motto is to always work with all your heart. It makes me happy and fulfilled. Success will then come of its own accord.”

If you speak German yourself and want to try yourself in a new business environment, you can apply by CLICK HERE!

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