Google importance across various industries

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Google website search engine/Google search console includes many tools, strategies, systems, products, apps, and platforms, such as digital banner advertising, Google Maps, smartphones that use Google’s Android system, YouTube, operating systems for smartwatches, and more.

92% of the world population uses Google search engine in general, and 95% of the world population uses a Google search engine on mobile phones. Thus, Google is the most used search engine in the world, and in some industries has huge significance. Detailed clarification is given in the text below.

Digital Ads

Google owns the most popular tools used to buy and place digital ads. At least 40% of digital ads in the UK are bought on a Google-owned platform, such as Google Ads or Google DV360.


Waze, an Israeli start-up that was at a certain time the biggest competitor to Google Maps, was bought by Google in 2013. Apple Maps, which is the next great navigation program, comes pre-installed on Apple devices, but according to Comscore, Google Maps recorded more than 36 million monthly iPhone users in the US in 2018. In addition to using the Maps app itself, certain companies use Google Maps data to develop their own apps.


Apple iOS is used by more than 55% of US smartphones. Elsewhere in the world, most smartphones use Google’s Android system. This is partly because Google allows smartphone manufacturers to use and customize Android system for their devices, while Apple’s iOS only works on Apple company phones.


As we have already stated, Google is the most used browser in the world, and its success enhances and is enhanced by Google’s amazing position in other programmes, industries, etc. Chrome uses Google as an automated search engine, while Chrome is automatically set up on Android devices.


YouTube, a video platform that currently has an important role in search and advertising, was bought by Google in 2006. YouTube ads brought in more than $14 billion to Google out of a total of $98 billion in revenue in 2019.


Fitbit Inc. was bought by Google in 2019, but the acquisition is under investigation by regulators in certain countries. For six years Google has had its own operating system for smartwatches, but more creations are yet to follow.

GoCloud.group company operates internationally and uses the latest Google technologies that make sure the utilization process of capacity and skills of GoCloud.group employees is successful. Also, in this way we provide our clients a high-quality service.

We will continue to monitor changes across different industries, and we will invest in the best technology and digital tools.

Source: WSJ

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