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HR manager have long since warned: the cover letter is dead. The application process is changing. Companies have to adapt to it; in fact, they have to change: The country needs new channels! What will they be and what can they do?

The HR industry is changing. The pandemic has once again turned the changing job market upside down. E-Recruitment is going up and up. While get-togethers at job fairs are coming to a standstill and personal interviews are breaking up due to Corona, digital recruitment is the only way left for companies. In view of this, HR managers are challenged to find new solutions that cover the various phases of applicant management. They don’t have to search for them for long, because the right tools are already on every potential employee’s smartphone: messaging channels are the new wonder weapon for applicant management in the highly regarded War for Talents, which entrepreneurs today supply themselves with well-educated talents.

Candidate management in the digital age

A key advantage of digitization: automation! Of course, this also applies to the HR sector: large-scale recruitment campaigns involve numerous sub-processes. Chatbots, for example, can save a lot of time by taking over trivial tasks such as scheduling and coordinating (digital) job interviews. GoCloud.group will soon present a chatbot for the Facebook messenger that can do exactly these things. In addition, our e-recruiting also includes a variety of other automation processes.

Theory is followed by practice: Integration and application areas

The War for Talents has long been a reality. Benefits such as Christmas bonuses or yoga courses are one thing – they help to convince applicants. To do this, however, they have to listen to the recruiters in the first place.

With targeted advertising measures and Facebook’s algorithm, HR professionals can reach millions of (international) candidates and avoid overflowing (analog) job boards, which also work primarily locally and thus exclude potential applicants. Especially in times of remote working not a good idea.

A bot please: How chatbots help

In the actual application process, chatbots can answer FAQs and thus streamline communication. Recruitment can be a lengthy process even before a human resources manager has even met the candidate personally. Before they get involved, candidates want answers to a whole range of questions: Career opportunities, flexible working hours and much more. A classic advantage of chat bots is that they can answer questions 24/7 and provide consistent answers drawn from a knowledge base for recruiting questions. They can also handle initial interviews in the early application phase. This has two advantages – faster and fairer: First, it allows companies to streamline the application process; “real” HR professionals can walk through the answers and select the most promising ones. Secondly, the traditional application process is subject to the fundamental suspicion of being susceptible to prejudice. Through the chatbot process, the focus is exclusively on the answers, which can contribute to fair decisions even in the early stages.

In the case of employer branding, the messaging service can also be very effective in terms of advertising: out-of-the-box recruiting campaigns help to attract the attention of candidates who previously had no connection to the company.


Especially in times of virtual recruiting, automation is a future-oriented channel. Creative messaging and automation can give HR managers in companies the decisive competitive edge and help them to address and attract sought-after talent. Especially in times of social distancing, it is high time to break new ground if you don’t want to end up on the side-lines in the war for talents.

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