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Digital transformation online leads towards creation of online businesses and provides digital transformation analytics. successful online businesses utilize customer relations management systems, applications, instant chats, online video calling apps and other online tools.

Eight years ago, you probably did not think about whether restaurant you are about to visit has a website, but nowadays we google restaurants, check reviews, online menus, and make reservations, which is all part of and consequence of digital transformation. Every business that is online is part of this transformation. Online business processes are important for the existence and success of companies, and COVID caused situation accelerated the process of digitalization.

Consumer behaviour has drastically changed – nowadays, most of them buy online (e.g., 70% of millennials). In 2019 64% of companies had a website. Online competition among businesses is at the high level, and aside from having a website, and being present at social media and search results, it is important to use contemporary technology.

To make business processes easier to manage is an important benefit of online versus traditional companies. Modern technology makes websites more approachable, user-friendly, and provides companies with many possible ways of communicating with targeted audience. Online tools provide better time management as well (chatbots, automated rules, etc.).

When employees work at the project with many data, online databases and customer data catalogues make the business process more efficient, and in that way, employees will have more time to focus at the most important tasks.

Users expect the companies they are interested in cooperation with to have some form of digital presence, be it an optimized Google My Business profile for basic map information and services, or an automated chatbot that will provide answers via Facebook Messenger.

Over the past year, many companies have begun the process of digitalization, and 70% of companies believe that digital change is necessary. Some of them already have online business strategies, while others are still developing forms of online business. Companies around the world are introducing the service that GoCloud.group has been offering for years – online customer support!

Depending on your business digitalization goal there are different tools that can help you achieve and maintain your goals.

We present several of them:

1. Instant Chats

Instead of holding a meeting or writing a long email to share information, you can use tools that enable instant messaging among all company employees, and that allow easy communication. Some of these platforms are Slack and Flock, but there are many of them on the market with different characteristics.

GoCloud.group employees use Slack, which allows us to efficiently share information, form online meetings, and easily share documents.

2. Applications

In case you are looking for new employees you can use online tools as well as applications in an efficient way. The best candidates, especially those who work in digital industry, are online. E.g., you can use LinkedIn and announce that you are looking for a colleague and get in touch with qualified people.

3. Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM allows you to digitalize customer relationships, the online sales process, transform the marketing process, and can make these processes automated.

4. Video Chat Software

Well-known platforms such as Zoom, Skype, etc., provide us with business correspondence services via video and chat, holding online meetings with multiple colleagues or clients, exchanging documents, and they are constantly being developed. Most platforms have developed applications that allow you geographical flexibility.

GoCloud.group team uses all benefits of digitalization – we are a leading virtual BPO customer care centre in Southeast Europe, and we have been following each part of online business processes for years. We implement best practices and develop our own online processes. We offer complete digital transformation of businesses, and our digital marketing, administration, accounting, customer care, legal and technical teams provide full support.

Source: Hubspot

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