Digital Marketing Holiday Ideas

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Digital Marketing campaigns, such as Christmas marketing campaigns, New Year marketing campaigns, and others, involve principles and practices of marketing as well as marketing strategy. Digital marketing strategy includes personalised gifts, the marketing power of emotion, corporate giveaways, Google Ads campaigns and more.

Recently we had important dates behind us when it comes to marketing and we created amazing holidays-related digital campaigns.

Even though some of our holiday’s campaigns ended, we wanted to present you some of ideas and practices that we take into consideration when preparing campaigns. Here they are:

  • Having prepared campaigns at Google Ads

Regardless of industry you are marketing, it is great to have seasonal Google Ads campaigns ready – imagine, for each holiday you have prepared keywords, ads, extensions, and all you need to do is to make sure everything is up to date – e.g., make changes to offers, landing pages, products, mentioning year in keyword or within ads, or some technical updates, etc., so you can make just needed changes, and your campaigns are ready! Do not forget to review your audiences, highlight specific offers, use updated ad extensions and mention “holiday” and urgency of limited offers in ads!

  • Google Shopping Campaigns

During holiday season there tends to be an increase in sales, and therefore shopping campaigns (with good offers as well), are great for revenue increase. 2020 has been all about online, and online sales significantly increased all over the world due to current situation.

  • Giveaways

Social media giveaway campaigns are great for increased engagement and getting more followers, who might as well become your customers! It is well known campaign type, and holidays are great season to make the most out of it and make someone happy with a gift, voucher, free service, discount, etc.! Do not forget to post it on more social media platforms.

  • Emotions and marketing

Holidays bring out human emotions. Remember famous Santa Claus ads used by most successful world companies, or presenting family gatherings, friends and similar in their ads, bringing viewers tears or laughs. Holidays are great time to bring out something funny or lovely e.g., i.e., something that will be remembered by people – by how it made them feel.

  • Personalized Gifts

Make your customers happy with personalized gifts. As we remember to do reengagement in our marketing campaigns, we shall not forget that marketing of ourselves to our existing customers is important business process step, and not only that – we shall nurture our relationship with them and show our appreciation.

There are more all-time-true tips we at GoCloud.group tend to use occasionally, depending on the circumstances. However, good ideas are always developed and appreciated in our team.

We hope you had great holidays and we wish you a very happy New Year!

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