Digital Marketing History

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History of digital marketing brings information on search engines, banner ads, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, international ecommerce transactions, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, SMM platforms, and various digital marketing tools and digital marketing platforms.

The phrase “digital marketing” was first mentioned in 1990s, and ever since it plays increasingly important role for promotion of various services and products globally. It brought entirely new technologies, platforms, and ways of conducting businesses.

Let us dive in digital marketing history of development and some of the most important achievements:

1990s, except official “digital marketing” term introduction, brought Archie, first search engine, launch, and first clickable web ad banner. Launch of Yahoo followed, and there was first e-commerce transaction over Netmarket (e-transactions are now new normal and we cannot imagine the world without them, but very first one was done back in 1994!). SixDegrees.com, a first social media site, was developed in 1997, and 1998 brought us the birth of world giants, Google, and Microsoft search engines.

It is important to remember that even back then marketing was developing together with Internet, as its integral part from the very beginning. The world wide web itself became publicly available in 1991, and first clickable web ad banner was already available in 1994.

1990s were marked with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools development, and in 1999 electronic Customer Marketing Management was introduced.

Salesforce.com was the first Software as a Service (SaaS) company, and it developed the first Marketing Cloud software, “a platform that integrates customer data storage with analytics, brand boosting, community building and campaign tracking, and this computing software served as a central point for the future of marketing technology.”

2000s, on the other side, brought the concept of people searching for products and services online prior to making purchase, and marketers had a chance to develop segmentation and different marketing campaigns. As well as that, social media platforms were widely developing, and smartphones era began. Some of the most important achievements were “first mobile marketing campaign by Universal Music, LinkedIn, WordPress, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, iPhone, and WhatsApp launch”.

2010s, so far, were the most important for widespread and development of digital marketing. “Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook messenger were launched, web-use overtook percentage of TV viewership among youth demographics, Amazon became e-commerce giant, LinkedIn featured tailored ads, mobile usage surpassed desktop browser traffic, and there was a rise of content marketing.”  Society became largely dependent on mobile phones, and nowadays still people spend hours per day using mobile devices. Ads popping up became inevitable nowadays as well. So, websites have to be compatible with smart phones – “Studies showed 50% of consumers will buy from businesses less often if the website isn’t mobile-friendly – even if it’s from a brand they like. In the same respect, 74% of users say they are more likely to return to a website that is mobile –friendly.” Not to mention the rise of influencers, humorous and easy to consume content, which constantly pushed marketers to speed up their game and come up with pleasant new content.

2020s began, and while digital marketing is at its peak, businesses must make sure they follow the most current practices and hence enjoy the advantages that online marketing brings, and there are many of them.

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