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Competitor monitoring tools and competitor monitoring software enable you to track competitor’s social media, provide competitor email monitoring, monitor competitor website changes, competitor keywords and more!

Find online tools for monitoring competitors’ business and social actions and mentions, their keywords, and in general be aware of what your competition is doing.

Social Blade

This tool will allow you to review real-time data when it comes to the number of followers and uploads of your competitors. Use it wisely and create the best social media strategy!

Google Ads Keyword Planner

One of our favourites! Tool is focused more on keywords analysis and your website; however, it offers valuable competition statistics.

Monitor Backlinks

This tool can help you find new link-building opportunities, while doing analysis of competitors’ backlinks, which can be sent to your inbox, with information on whether it is a high or lower domain.


Get important marketing data on your competitors – rank, organic keywords, paid keywords, traffic. There is a free trial during which you can discover features!


This tool seems to be easy to use – it proved you with lists of organic and Google Ads keywords your competitors use.


This tool will provide you with suggestions of competitors you shall monitor, as well as with traffic data from last six months when it comes to chosen competitors, and their leads acquisitions history (number of leads obtained from search, social, display, etc.).

What Runs Where

Use this tool to monitor competitors’ operations more closely, i.e., you will get an alert every time your competitor posts new content and new ads.


Alexa will allow you obtain data on competitors internationally, and it covers websites’ ratings, traffic data, targeted keywords, linking, and other.

Sprout Social 

It will help you monitor social media channels actions – “hashtag performance and Facebook reviews and track engagement on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.” Social media channels engagement, content, and analytics data will all be available to you.


This tool lets you determine content types that are most engaging for your chosen keywords. You will be able to see same theme successful content created by influencers and find competitors’ content with the greatest engagement.


Get an update when your competitors publish new blogs and new content. Tools is easy to use, and it can help you develop better content marketing strategy!

Competitors are extremely important for every business and every industry, since they, by improving themselves, add value to the entire industry, and as companies compete, they can push each other towards better development and improved business operations. However, never forget that no single tool is more important than good business relations and successful networking, which is beneficial for entire community.

Source: NeilPatel

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