Bosnia and Herzegovina: An attractive place for nearshoring

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Bosnia and Herzegovina nearshoring offshoring benefits include qualified candidates, marketers, online customer service agents, graphic designers, HR, legal, and financial professionals, cultural fit, multilingualism, and transferable skills of employees.

Bosnia and Herzegovina have become an attractive place for nearshoring due to the low cost of qualified staff and a large number of highly educated, bilingual, and qualified professionals.

BiH is currently hyper-producing qualified candidates, including accountants, graphic designers, customer support, HR administrators, and legal professionals.

It has a highly educated workforce, giving it a competitive advantage over other outsourcing destinations, where rates are cheaper but you can spend more time overcoming communication and cultural difficulties and conveying your message.

BiH has a wide range of talented people. Multilingualism is not the exception, but the rule. Dominant languages are English and German.

Many candidates have highly transferable skills and are happy to consider other sectors.

Want to find out more? Check out the ABSL Teaser of the Annual Country Report for BiH: https://absl.ba/publications-2/

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