Body Language and Marketing

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The power of body language, i.e., of body language in business communication, especially when it comes to digital marketing is extremely important for successful online marketing campaigns!

Body language is present in all communication types, be it in person, over the email, over the phone, and in other forms. As such, when we think about it – if something is such an important part of communication, and communication is one of keys of successful marketing, why shall we not use body language in marketing and make the best out of it?

Businesses send signals in their marketing campaigns, however, sometimes even they are not aware of all signals they are sending, and how these signals make people feel and react. “Marketing campaigns regularly display insecurities, lack of confidence, desperation, loss of strategic direction or on the contrary, unmatched expertise.”

However, marketing body language, used properly, can serve as absolutely great way to send campaigns’ wanted message to targeted audience.

Some of nonverbal techniques in marketing are explained below.

If service or product ad can have a baby in it, add it! According to science, our brains love looking at babies. Once they see or watch your ad people should feel good emotions, and when it comes to most of the people, seeing babies will make them feel caring, kind, and compassionate. Amazing trick (and nice one), isn’t it?

Keep it simple and it will work. Don’t you suddenly feel tired once you open a website and tons of pop ups come up, there are hundreds of banners, options, buttons, various colours! Okay, okay, we are overreacting, but science has confirmed – the more complex the website, the less appealing it is to visitors. Simplicity is the answer to success!

Oldie Goldie, money! Compare the regular price with the current price of the product or service, if you say that it costs $200 today, and regularly it costs $1200, it obviously is a good price for product or service given.

Oh, sweet colours… It is already known that colours affect peoples’ emotions, which in turn leads to various moods and reactions. So, why not use colours in marketing body language? Yellow means optimism and happiness, green hope and healing, purple luxury, orange energy, blue loyalty, black power, red passion, white purity!

GoCloud.group specialists know that marketing body language is important, and that it reflects our companies’ state and energy. We constantly improve marketing techniques both for us and for our clients, and we learn new ones! Knowledge is the greatest power that there is.

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