2021 PPC Trends

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Pay-per-click or cost per click (CPC) is a type of digital marketing, where an advertiser pays a search engine a fee for every click made on the ad. This is a method of buying visits to a website rather than ranking in the organic search results. 

The news that ETAs will be leaving the search-paid media scene hit like a train! The focus shifted entirely to RSAs, i.e., Responsive Search Ads. And yes, it means “less control” by marketers, but is it that much of an issue – after all, marketers still do supply all the headlines and description lines, and they choose them wisely!  

Current and upcoming trends in digital marketing, as well as digital marketing predictions, help marketers focus on the most important marketing strategies and create successful digital marketing campaigns.  

What are the other trends of 2021 that we had a chance to witness and analyse? 

Diversification is well known for its amazing factor of decreasing the risk of occurrence of unwanted events. Diversify ad types, campaign types, and advertising platforms for greater reach and more conversion goals!  

Loss of data due to the new regulations means shifting focus at the greater picture, audience–wise. As well as that, marketers will have to rely more on automation. Automation processes often bring good consequences, such as less time devoted to manual changes, however, they must be used wisely! 

Focusing at the greater picture means giving attention to recommendations and scores, however, be aware to incorporate targeted audiences based on the interests, don’t forget what is the main objective of your campaign, and make sure to devote the time to build a good structure of your campaign.  

In the world of social media trends, IGTV and Reels are the number one, as the newest ad placements, with crazy organic popularity! These ad placements are “the newest” but be aware of how changes in digital world come within a second! 

Don’t forget the power of the user-generated content on social media! It means it is working, and in the digital world, it is often considered to be the equivalent of the word of mouth.  

Gamification of the content trend is steadily increasing and is one of the trends our team has given attention to and has mastered! 

Don’t forget to learn each day when it comes to digital marketing. Trends aren’t to be ignored in our world, and yet, some remain for good, while some disappear, so focus on what’s working for your KPIs! 

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